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At Talkabook we’re setting out to inspire children by connecting them with the authors and illustrators of the books they cherish.

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For many years, Chip Joyce worked with NY Times bestselling business authors, helping them develop businesses. He witnessed how readers who got to talk with authors gained greater enjoyment and knowledge than from the book itself.

It makes sense: a book is a small sample of ideas the author possesses. Authors are vast information repositories and often super-interesting people.

One evening when reading to his son, Chip thought: How amazing would it be if his son could have a virtual visit with a children’s book creator?

He then recruited an author for young readers to try it with his son, and then other families. The results were phenomenal! Kids loved the visits, and they inspired more reading and writing. And the impact was lasting and memorable. Parents adored the experience.

Greg Maher and Chip had met while acting in a play for their children’s preschool. (The play was based on Ruth Brown’s The Old Tree.)

Greg, who has been running a web development and digital marketing agency, and Chip connected to talk about the idea.

Greg immediately saw how Talkabook would be a hit with his own family and thought: we have to do this!

Our Team

Chip Joyce

Co-Founder & CEO

While building businesses for bestselling authors over the past decade, Chip loved talking to many authors he’s met: they’re really interesting people. For a few years, he wanted to build something to encourage creative discovery in children, and then had the idea: kids could talk to children’s book authors. His vision for Talkabook is: whatever has a kid’s interest, the right conversation could be a transformational experience and life-long memory.

Greg Maher

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Gregory has been working with computers and the internet since the early days of http. He enjoys using technology to help connect people. His kids' love of reading serves as a constant source of inspiration for Talkabook.

Joanna Maher

Creative Director

Samantha Middleton

Product Manager

Brianne Hostutler

Product Developer

Alex Dimicco

Product Designer