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Jeff Dunnihoo

Jeff Dunnihoo is an electrical engineer with over a dozen patents, papers, and textbooks on semiconductor and system development. Jeff's SOIC and Friends children's book series introduces kids, parents, and teachers to what's under the hood in their high-tech laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Technology and STEM: HOW do you want to live when you grow up?

Ask yourself HOW you want to live while you grow up, not the old “WHAT do you want TO BE." Kids are being driven toward robot competitions and 'learning to code' when there are myriad careers available in tech beyond just the mythical rockstar coder and lead designer/inventor. Success takes teams, trials and time.

Jeff Dunnihoo

45 Minute Program

Smartphones and Computers! How are they made?!

We take a look underneath the glass and plastic of tablets and laptops into the world of SOIC and Friends. We will look at actual circuit boards and semiconductor chips and how they are assembled into the tools and toys your use every day.

Jeff Dunnihoo

30 Minute Program

SOIC and Friendsis a STEM/STREAM educational book series created to provide a firststep in developing technology talent for future generations. With SOIC and Friends,the engaging characters and relatable stories draw kids in to a whole new world beneath the plastic and glass of their household electronics. This is the stepping stone into the future for children,parents and teachers, and especially those who are not already involved and conversant in technology and microelectronics careers.

And while not everyone is destined for advanced STEM college degrees,every child can be introduced and exposed to the myriad ways to participate in technology.

Pragma Media was launched by Pragma Design to publish more approachable but detailed and accurate technical educational materials from an actual engineering company.

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