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Kevin Sylvester

Kevin Sylvester is an award-winning illustrator, author, and broadcaster. He illustrates and writes books for all ages.

Pro tips for Drawing and/or writing

This one can be catered to the specific needs or wants of the audience - but, basically, Kevin will try to give more of a master class in how he writes and draws and what YOU can steal from him to make your own art better.

Kevin Sylvester

45 Minute Program

Mistakes and Success - plus some laughs and cartoons

Kevin shares stories from his middle grade books, including MINRs, the Neil Flambé Capers, The Hockey Super-Six and more. AND he shares some tips to help kids find their own style for drawing cartoons.

Kevin Sylvester

45 Minute Program

Laughs and surprises (and cartoons!) for little readers

Kevin reads two of his interactive pictures books - Gargantua Jr: Defender of Earth and Super-Duper Monster Viewer - then leads the kids in a simple cartooning 'class'.

Kevin Sylvester

30 Minute Program

Kevin Sylvester is an award winning illustrator, author and broadcaster.

He illustrates and writes books for all ages.

His picture books include Gargantua (Jr.): Defender of Earth, Super-Duper Monster, GREAT and Splinters.

His middle grade novels range from science fiction (The MINRs trilogy) to mystery novels (The Neil Flambé Capers), road trip silliness (The Fabulous Zed Watson – with Basil Sylvester) and super-heroes (Mucus Mayhem, The Hockey Super Six).

He also writes and illustrates non-fiction books. There are sports books (Gold Medal for Weird, Basketballogy, Baseballogy) and books on financial literacy (Follow Your Stuff and Follow Your Money.)

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