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Lauren Grabois Fischer

Lauren Grabois Fischer is the author behind, The Be Books, a children's publishing company that creates books to empower and inspire children to be kind, accepting, positive, grateful, respectful, and to love who they are. There are six currently published books written by Lauren Grabois Fischer: Be Who You Were Meant To Be, You Are A Superhero, Every So Often A Zebra Has Spots, Love Grows Love, The Light Within Me, and Life.

Mindfulness for Kids with Lauren Grabois Fischer and The Be Books

As a mom and elementary educator, I have always prioritized nurturing the "whole child." I did not learn what mindfulness was until I became an adult. It is now my goal to help my own children and all children learn how to speak kindly to themselves and to others. It is my hope that through my book series, The Be Books, children will be able to…

Lauren Grabois Fischer

30 Minute Program

Lauren Grabois Fischer, the author behind The Be Books, believes in creating books for young children to empower them to love who they are, to be kind to everyone that they meet, to respect all living creatures, to feel like they can make a positive change in this world, and to be true to themselves always. As an elementary educator, she knows how important reading is and how an inspiring book can really make a huge difference. As a mom, Lauren is always looking to create books that she would want her children to be reading. Every book that she writes has a positive message and an inspirational lesson to learn.

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