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Meredith Davis

Meredith Davis is the co-author of HER OWN TWO FEET: A RWANDAN GIRL’S BRAVE FIGHT TO WALK, a book that is both award-winning and heart-warming. She'll share stories of Rwanda and Rebeka's life and inspire kids to be strong and courageous because sometimes, "chance comes once."

How To Tell Your LIFE Story

No matter what your story is, it's worth telling! After twenty years of writing and recently partnering with her Rwandan coauthor, Rebeka Uwitzonze, to tell her inspiring story of travel from Rwanda, Africa to the US at age 9 for surgeries on her club feet, Meredith Davis is excited to help you tell your own LIFE story.

Meredith Davis

45 Minute Program

Strong Like a Butterfly

This program includes pictures and video of Rebeka's home and family in Rwanda and her time in America living in the Davis home while having treatments and surgeries to correct her club feet.

Meredith Davis

45 Minute Program

Meredith Davis is the co-author of HER OWN TWO FEET: A RWANDAN GIRL’S BRAVE FIGHT TO WALK (Scholastic, 2019), which has received starred reviews and numerous awards and honors, including an NAACP Image Award nomination and Best Children's Book of the Year from Bank Street College of Education. In 2012 a nine-year-old Rwandan girl named Rebeka Uwitonze left her home and family and came to live with the Davis family in the US. They were strangers, she didn't speak English, and she had never been so far from home, but she was stronger than she looked. After 31 casts and three painful surgeries to correct her club feet, Rebeka returned to her family in Rwanda fluent in English and walking on the bottoms of her own two feet. Rebeka and Meredith partnered to write this book.

Meredith Davis once worked at an independent children’s bookstore, started the Austin Chapter of SCBWI, and earned her Masters of Fine Arts in Writing for Children and Young Adults at VCFA. She is married with three children and one very friendly doodle, and lives with a home full of books in Austin, Texas.

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