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Naomi Milliner

Too short to play basketball and too squeamish to be a surgeon, Naomi Milliner decided instead to pursue the glamorous career of children’s book author. Her debut novel, Super Jake & the King of Chaos, is loosely based on life with her three sons, the youngest of whom had special needs. You can read more about Naomi and her sons here:

Creating Characters out of Real People, and Creating People with Real Character

How do you portray sons and daughters, parents and siblings, teachers, friends, and others you know… in a book? Is it easier or harder to include people you know? The answer might surprise you. Let’s talk about it – and maybe even write about it.

Naomi Milliner

45 Minute Program

The Write Stuff: Discovering the Hero in SUPER JAKE... and in You

Everybody loves heroes, and we need them now more than ever. Luckily, there are plenty of heroes in SUPER JAKE & THE KING OF CHAOS - if you know how to find them. And after we talk about what makes a hero, you might even find one in your own mirror.

Naomi Milliner

45 Minute Program

Finding the "Special" in Special Needs

The title character, SUPER JAKE, is loosely based on my youngest son who had special needs. Jake couldn't walk or talk, but he sure could smile! When you read - or hear - all about Jake and his big brothers, I guarantee you'll be smiling, too! Remember: you can't judge a book or a person by their cover.

Naomi Milliner

45 Minute Program

Some "super" reviews for Super Jake & the King of Chaos!

Aspiring magician Ethan, 11, learns the true meaning of magic in this charming and heartwarming debut. The author based Jake on her own son, and that portrayal lends authenticity to this funny and moving story.―Booklist, starred review

"The Millers' love for one another radiates throughout Ethan's witty, introspective narration. Jake is never a burden; his family members include him in fun activities and everyday life as best they can.... A warm, hopeful debut."―Kirkus Reviews

"Hopeful, humorous, and honest all at once, Super Jake & the King of Chaos shows how, even in the most difficult times, a family's love is its own kind of magic."―John David Anderson, author of Ms. Bixby's Last Day

"Milliner has created a memorable story, right from the first sentence. All the characters are vivid and real, and the plot which could be syrupy and sentimental instead offers no sugary-sweet easy answers, just the real magic of family and how we hold each other."―Marissa Moss, bestselling author of Amelia's Notebook

"This quiet, powerful book is full of charm and heart, but its real magic is humor... Super Jake & the King of Chaos will fill your soul."―Beth Vrabel, author of Caleb and Kit, The Reckless Club, and the Pack of Dorks series

"There is magic, yes! However, at the heart of this well-paced debut lives an extraordinary family that readers will follow right through to the satisfying finish."―Leslie Connor, National Book Award Finalist, The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle

A strong family story for realistic middle grade fiction shelves.―School Library Journal

Naomi has served on the Great Group Reads Committee for the Women’s National Book Association since 2009, and when she's not reading or writing books, her favorite things include baking desserts, eating desserts, playing Mah Jongg and, most of all, talking with students about Super Jake. Naomi lives with her husband, sons, and two ridiculous cats in Maryland.

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