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Robert Young

Robert Young is a former teacher and the award-winning author of 28 books for children. Born and raised on the east coast, he now resides in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, where he enjoys hiking, biking, and visiting schools to share his writing passion.

Aardvarks to Zucchini: The Question Quest

Explore and experience the amazing world of curiosity.

Robert Young

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The topics for Robert's books are wide-ranging and reflect his varied interests: history, sports, collectibles, animals, and real-life products. Chomp! A Chewer's Guide to Gum is an updated version of his first book, The Chewing Gum Book, published in 1989. It was the first children's book on the topic. His latest book, Friends of the Wolf, is a young reader’s introduction to these amazing creatures.

Robert has been making author visits to schools throughout the United States and abroad for the past 30 years. His presentations are motivational as well as instructive, and they reflect his extensive experience as an elementary and middle school teacher as well as a professional development specialist.

In addition to books, Robert has ventured into the arenas of song lyrics and screenplays. The joys and challenges of pursuing his curiosities along with working with words awaken him every morning. Even holidays.

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