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Susan Langlois

I am a hiker, biker, thinker, and WRITER! My books have a central theme of hope - with kindness and fun sprinkled in.

Virtual Author Visit

In your 30 minute session, I will read the book you have selected and have an interactive discussion after the story. If you select the full length memoir, I will read snippets followed by an interactive discussion. Three book selections to choose from: 1) Everything Is Going to Be All Right - A Book About Hurricane Harvey 2) Dolly Does Her…

Susan Langlois

30 Minute Program

I am inspired by children and nature so perhaps it is no surprise that I sing in the forest and laugh in the rain!

I retired from education in 2015, but still keep a spiral notebook stuffed full of favorite memories. I will forever miss the connections with my students but enjoy a new kind of connection through virtual and live visits to schools, museums and book stores.

On writing...

My mind is a treasure chest of stories waiting to be told. Can't wait to share them with you!

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Everything Is Going to Be All Right

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Out of My World, Into Theirs

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Dolly Does Her Job

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