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Tina Stubbs

Hi, my name is Tina Stubbs, I am an award-winning author and illustrator who created a series of children's books and characters called Life's Little Bugs. Life's Little Bugs teach young children about fundamental healthy habits in a fun and engaging way.

How to keep germs away!

In this online class for ages 5-8, we will be learning all about how to keep germs away! This is a live, small group online class - available on any device, and anywhere like the comfort of home! 🏡 Contact for details, to ask questions and book. The menu includes an online introduction to two of Life's Little Bug characters, Flu Bug and Tummy Bug …

Tina Stubbs

45 Minute Program

Tina Stubbs is the Author and Illustrator behind 'Life's Little Bugs'. She set out with a goal to develop a series of picture books that motivate young readers to learn good healthy habits in a positive, fun way.
As a parent, Tina realised there wasn't anything engaging to help encourage and support parents, teachers and kids when building essential life skills such as brushing teeth, hand washing, making healthy choices, showing respect and kindness and building a growth mindset, to name a few.
Using her London Art College diploma in Children's Illustration, she transformed the Life's Little Bugs characters she had designed into lovely book illustrations.

The books went on to win awards including Gold from a popular parenting site, and she was invited to Pinewood film studios to collect the prestigious 2017 'Sylvia Anderson Children's Author' award.
Through her interest in learning methods, Tina has come to understand the importance of repetition in helping children learn, so extra activities alongside the Life’s Little Bugs book collection were developed to keep up the momentum, practice and to further 'spread the bugs.'

Recently Tina has added Life's Little Bugs Go Wild to teach children about the wonders of being in nature and encouraging outdoors wellbeing benefits.

Tina often visits schools and libraries to read her Life's Little Bugs stories, which are normally followed by fun activities. Both adults and children enjoy the quirky illustrations and engaging rhymes in the books.
Being a great believer that enjoyment is the best way to learn, you will often find humour playing a big part in her work.

Check out Tina online:

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