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From a Love of Books to Writing Them

If you love writing and want to have a mentoring experience, join Shannon as she shares her writing journey with you.

Shannon Anderson

45 Minute Program



Shannon won her first writing contest in 5th grade. She loved to write from the first time she learned to form letters into words. Diaries and journals and special writing hideaways were a part of her life and still are today!
Shannon loves books so much that she worked at her local public library for her high school job. Now, her books are on those library shelves. If you love writing and would like to learn about ways to improve your writing and ways you can use writing in powerful ways, join Shannon for this inspiring session.

About the Author

Shannon was named one of the Today Show's Top 10 Inspiring Teachers in 2019 for her writing projects with kids and received the JC Runyon Person of the Year award for her books for kids that boost self-esteem. A forever teacher and book lover, Shannon has a passion for writing and spreading kindness that is contagious!

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