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Education is a right in the US, but not so in other countries. Let's travel to a small town in Kenya to find out what school is like.

Patricia Newman

45 Minute Program



Neema's Reason to Smile is about a little girl who wants to go to school, but doesn't have the money. Imagine if you didn't have money to attend school? How would your life be different?

Although Neema is a fictional character, she represents the real students at Jambo Jipya School in Mtwapa, Kenya. Let's talk about your school versus Jambo Jipya. How is it different? How is it the same?

Inside my dream basket is a wish that Neema's story inspires and empowers kids like you to think about kids like Neema.

Neema's Reason to Smile (please read before our Talkabook visit)
Pencil and paper or writing notebook


6 - 12 (family members welcome)

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"Phenomenal!" "Makes science come alive!" "Mesmerizing!"

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