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A Crooked Path

Have you been told writing is a terrible career choice? I was so waited years before deciding to take it seriously. We'll discuss different paths you can take to become a writer as well exploring other authors and ways to keep you motivated.

Carol Paur

30 Minute Program



1. Is there only one way to becoming a writer?
If someone tells you there is only one way, do not listen to him or her.
We’ll discuss different ways to find success as a writer.

2. What famous writers do you know who were a mail carrier or janitor?
We’ll discuss the many paths taken by people who have eventually become writers.

3. Taking a path.
There are many paths to becoming a writer, but you still need to take that first step.
We’ll discuss how to motivate yourself and keep motivated even during failures and disappointments.

4. Exploring your options as a writer. There are many stories to be told. How will you tell your story?
We’ll discuss different writing jobs and careers.

About the Author

Carol L. Paur lives with her family in Wisconsin. Isasnora Snores is her first middle grade children’s book. It’s about a child who snores so loudly, she is banished from her kingdom. Carol has a BS in Psychology and a MA in Communication. Along with writing books, she's also a journalist, screenwriter, playwright, and a producer for the movie, Turnover. Two of her screenplays have placed in prominent screenwriting competitions. Paur is a member of the Wisconsin Writers Association and Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Like everyone else, Paur has had her set of challenges – with one of her setbacks in life being born with a cleft palate. This required surgeries, speech therapy, and dealing with bullies. She draws on this and all her life experiences to write and inspire others. She loves meeting people and listening to their stories and sharing hers. Paur is grateful for her family, friends, mentors, and supporters.

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