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Aardvarks to Zucchini: The Question Quest

Explore and experience the amazing world of curiosity.

Robert Young

45 Minute Program



Questions are an essential part of a successful life as well as the foundation for faction (nonfiction) writing. Join author Robert Young as he shares the question quest journeys he has taken when writing his books. He will focus on developing questions along with searching for answers. Featured will be two of Robert’s works: Friends of the Wolf and Chomp! A Chewer’s Guide to Gum.

This session will be highly interactive. Robert will ask questions, answer questions, and help participants create their own question quests.

What You Need:
Sense of wonder
Open Mind
Colored pencils or thin markers

Session cost includes the two featured books.

About the Author

Robert Young is a former teacher and the award-winning author of 28 books for children. Born and raised on the east coast, he now resides in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, where he enjoys hiking, biking, and visiting schools to share his writing passion.

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