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Creating a character, either to perform on the stage or to have as the main focus of your story, is a challenging, as well as an exciting project. Join me to discuss some of the elements of making a character memorable and your story a page-turner.

Josephine Keenan

30 Minute Program



I will introduce myself and talk briefly about my books. Since I have had two careers, first as an actress, and then as a writer, we will discuss how acting helped me when I became a writer. We will discuss character creation in writing a novel and in preparing for an acting role, and how much they are alike. A writer or an actor must know the background of the character and his or her motivating drive. Creating a character for a biography or for historical fiction typically requires research. I will discuss the research I did for all three of the books in my series, especially about Elvis Presley, even though he is a minor character in the story. Attendees should bring pen and paper to take notes for reference after our get together.

About the Author

Josephine, a southerner transplanted to Ohio, was an actress in theatre and films before launching her encore career as an author.

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