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All Things Horror: Let's talk reading and writing horror!

Love horror books and all things scary stories? Sharing books new and old, discussing techniques used in the horror genre, while sharing the creation of Where the Briars Sleep, by Emma Beaven.

Kim Childress

45 Minute Program



Participants receive one free copy of Where the Briars Sleep, by Emma Beaven, compliments of, an online children’s bookstore, fully launching March 2021. Book releasing July 2021, Tangled Tree Publishing/Hot Tree Press.

What makes a scary story scary?
  • Examining techniques in suspense
  • Different genres of scary
  • Ghost and monsters, vampires, zombies
  • Psychological Horror vs. Slasher Style
  • Gothic Horror
  • What makes a book Gothic? What makes a story a Gothic romance, such as an unreliable narrator
  • Examining the creation and Victorian Gothic ghost story, Where the Briar's Sleep, by Emma Beaven
Where the Briars Sleep, by Emma Beaven, July 2021, Tangled Tree Publishing, 9781922359506, available for preorder, ebook sale NOW $2.99

In this early nineteenth-century gothic ghost story, Rose Shedd discovers something is stalking her, something unseen and filled with rage, something that demands recompense, and Rose’s life, the life of her sister, and the remnants of her family depend on memories she has forced herself to forget.

She couldn’t imagine being alone in the dark, the wardrobe looming over her, its door creaking, hangers rattling. Anything could sneak up on you in the dark when you closed your eyes. Anything.

Arriving back at her home estate, the first thing Rose does is visit her stepsister Sarah’s grave, taking her younger sister, Maggie, along. After a forced retreat at the cousins', Rose looks forward to some normalcy and a return to routine. Not to mention the unexpected upcoming ball hosted by their elusive neighbors to introduce their son Henry, who has been away. Perhaps this mysterious Henry may become interested in Rose. Or most likely he would become her younger sister's fourth suitor and Rose would endure more “old maid” banter.

With the oppressive heat and unpredictable weather, Rose and Maggie are caught in a sudden severe thunderstorm. Maggie makes it back before the sky unleashes its fury, but Rose is caught behind. She really doesn’t mind, however, because she loves the rain and the wind and the gardens and could stay outside their stuffy mansion forever. Away from the wardrobe.

In the midst of the storm, Rose is cut by a briar and becomes caught in the mud. She sees a woman on their front porch. Maggie?

“Help me, Maggie!” But the woman is gone.

From then on, nothing and no one are as they seem in this twisted gothic Victorian ghost story. A tale of three sisters, family secrets of the darkest nature, and how our decisions have ripple effects, with themes of nature, romance, family, faith, forgiveness, consequences, and a creepy wardrobe with a door that never quite shuts that will have you sleeping with the lights on.

About the Author

Product Developer, Children's Publishing,; Book Reviewer, Girls’ Life Magazine Former Middle Grade Acquisitions Editor, Zondervan, HarperCollins 30-year Member SCBWI Author, Award-winning Editor, Consultant, Speaker BBB A+ fully affiliated, Technical & Professional Services

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