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Arctic Polar Bear Bash!

Willow wants to introduce you to her Arctic friends! Hear her story and explore the Arctic. Makes a great birthday celebration -- includes one signed copy of JUST SO WILLOW and goody bags for up to 10 children.

Sara Shacter

30 Minute Program



Meet Willow and her friends in this highly interactive program.

First, hear Willow's story, read by me. But I'll need help, so get ready to bundle up for the cold weather and lend a hand. Careful -- reading and laughing might result!

Next, discover how Willow's story changed before it became a book. Guess how many tries it took to get Willow just so. And did Willow always look like she does in the book? (spoiler alert: no!) From words to pictures, creating a book is a journey.

Then play the Arctic Fact game. What color is a polar bear's skin? Do they really like to be neat and tidy? You'll be surprised by what you discover!

Finally, ask questions about Willow and the author. Or tell ME a story!

My goal is to make this a special, individualized experience for your child.

Intended Audience:
• ages 5-9
• up to 10 children

Birthday Extras:
• birthday celebrant receives a free, signed copy of Just So Willow
• each child participating receives a Willow goody bag

About the Author

Sara F. Shacter’s credits include the picture books Just So Willow (Sterling) and Heading to the Wedding (Red Rock Press), as well as pieces in Highlights for Children, ASK, World Book’s Childcraft Annuals, Click, and several anthologies.

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