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Ask The Author!

A class, club, or library visit with middle grade and young adult author, Greg Howard.

Greg Howard

30 Minute Program



Did you ever read a book, love it, and then wish you could ask the author all of the questions you have about the plot, the characters, or what inspired the story? Now you can. Greg Howard, author of middle-grade books The Whispers and Middle School's a Drag: You Better Werk! and the young adult novel, Social Intercourse, will answer all your pressing questions as well as providing a peek behind the curtain of the process of getting a story from idea to published book. This presentation is best suited for school classrooms and libraries, home-schools, book clubs, or informal friends and family groups who have read one of Greg's books.

About the Author

Greg Howard is the best-selling author of young adult and middle-grade books focusing on LGBTQ characters and issues.

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