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Author Presentation - Picture Books, Sheep Jokes, Sheep Math, Sheep Facts, and Sheep Crafts!

The program revolves around my bedtime counting picture book, TEN SHEEP TO SLEEP. We'll read the book, do math, answer riddles, learn how to write a picture book, and two activities (time permitting). The student(s) will require a pre-cut template, cotton, colors, glue, pencil, googly eyes (optional). Students will get an opportunity to feature their work on my website. Students will get a free paperback book.

Nidhi Kamra

30 Minute Program



About the Author

Nidhi Kamra tried on a few skins -- reptiles being her favorite. But they were lumpy, bumpy, and made her grumpy. She discovered her own skin fit best. With her new picture book, Simon's Skin, she hopes kids learn to accept their skin early and save themselves the trouble of trying out skins that may be itchy, twitchy, and not too fun! She is also the author of Ten Sheep to Sleep, a counting picture book with a math twist. Nidhi's articles have been published in popular children's magazines in the US.

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Nidhi Kamra

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