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Author Talk Winging It!, A Monarch Love Story

A grandmother and granddaughter share a special bond as they watch a Monarch butterfly form and take flight. Truly a "Monarch love story, "this precious tale reminds us that we can each do our part in keeping the Monarch population alive and well.

Bev Davis

45 Minute Program



Released in late 2019, Winging It!: A Monarch Love Story is an award winning children's book.
Our program will be a lot of fun! Not only will we read the book together, we can talk about what it takes to write a book. How to help save the Monarch population and the fun you can have while hunting for milkweed plants.turning the leaves to find the tiny caterpillar eggs. if you are lucky and patient, you'll be able to watch the transformation right in front of you. Just like Grandma Eileen and Granddaughter Maya have done for many years. The time we share together will be a time of adventure, education, and something you will want to share with others. I can't wait to meet you!
Bev Davis, author

About the Author

When author Bev Davis is asked what kind of books she writes, she replies, “Children’s books for all ages,” because there are lessons in each book for young and old alike.

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