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Author Visit: Diwali Special - a Festival of Lights from India

A glimpse into Diwali - The Festival of Lights from India/ Diwali themed songs introducing new festival vocabulary Interactive fun-filled read-aloud of 10 Gulab Jamuns/ Q&A/

Sandhya Acharya

45 Minute Program



Are you curious about Diwali? I will begin the session with a glimpse into this Festival of Lights and what families do to celebrate. We will talk about the decoration( rangoli, diyas), fireworks and of course the food! One of the best parts of Diwali is enjoying all the delicious sweets including Gulab Jamuns!

We will then join Idu and Adu in an interactive book reading of 10 Gulab Jamuns. Idu and Adu are very excited. Mamma has made delicious Gulab Jamuns but has asked them to wait for the guests. But of course, it is very hard for them to stay away. The Gulab Jamuns begin to disappear. What will the guests eat? The story includes STEM elements, as well as the kids, count the disappearing Gulab Jamuns.

About the Author

Sandhya Acharya is a Children’s Book Author and writer who grew up in Mumbai, India, and now lives in Santa Clara, California. Her articles and short stories have been featured in Washington Post, NPR(KQED), India Currents, Peacock Journal, and Aaduna, among others. Her book, 10 Gulab Jamuns, combines a multicultural storyline, diverse, engaging characters, STEM elements, and humor in one impactful package. It has positive reviews in Publishers Weekly, Booklist Online, American Pacific Asian Librarians Association (APALA), Midwest Book Review, and many more. It has also been included as part of the curriculum of Children’s Literacy Initiative (CLI, U.S. Department of Education grantee.

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