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Banned Book Club Meeting

The co-author of the acclaimed graphic novel Banned Book Club will take you on a journey to celebrate the relentless rebellion of reading!

Ryan Estrada

45 Minute Program



Banned Book Club is the true story of a group of teens in 1980s South Korea who risked their lives to read books they weren't supposed to. With the secret police hunting them down they helped overthrow a cruel dictator and save their country.

In this workshop, you can join the club! You and the book's co-author Ryan Estrada talk about the history of the banned book club, and how teens today carry on that legacy. We'll discuss banned books, figure out why they are banned, and what we can learn from what others want to hide.

Depending on schedule, co-author and main character of the book Kim Hyun Sook will even make a live or prerecorded cameo to say hello!

About the Author

Ryan Estrada is an Eisner-nominated, bestselling, award-winning author, artist, and adventurer who travels the world making comics. He started submitting comics to newspapers at age six, and has since written for Star Trek, Popeye, Garfield and Flash Gordon. His graphic novel Banned Book Club was named one of the best books of 2020 by NPR!

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