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Behind the Scenes with Biographies!

Do you love the popular ‘Who Was…?’ series? Are you curious how they, and other biographies and books, come to be? Author April Jones Prince shares secrets of the writing and bookmaking processes, with plenty of up-close visuals. You’ll never look at book quite the same way again—and you just might be inspired to write your own!

April Prince

45 Minute Program



Authors love words, and the word "biography" means "life writing." Focusing on my two ‘Who Was' books and on Jackie Robinson: He Led the Way, we'll discuss why authors write and readers read "life writing." What can we learn? How can we be inspired?

When authors start a new biography project, how do they choose their subject, collect information, and shape that information into a compelling, TRUE narrative? We'll discuss how traveling to places where your subject lived or worked, watching videos, and conducting interviews can bring history to life. We’ll also talk about the illustrator’s role in bookmaking and how art and pictures come together to make a beautiful, printed book.

Along the way, we'll learn about the traits of leaders and think about how we can be leaders in our own communities.

This program is best for ages 8 and up.

About the Author

April Jones Prince is the author of many books for young readers, including the award-winning Twenty-One Elephants and Still Standing and Goldenlocks and the Three Pirates and two biographies in Penguin’s popular Who Was…? series.

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