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Being a tow truck driver

A description of what it's like to become a tow truck driver and what is involved in it's everyday functions and the ins and outs of the job. You could do a jump start to get someone going or you could have to do a job that a car or truck has rolled over which is much more involved. And don't forget about all that paperwork.

Kyle Chirgwin

30 Minute Program



Being a tow truck driver is a very dangerous job. You have to work on the highway with cars and trucks speeding past you and at night add the darkness and you are even harder to be seen even with all your flashing lights. And don't forget you have to keep the customer safe also. I recommend wearing a safety vest with bright colors at all times. Always know your surroundings and do not keep your back to traffic.

About the Author

I am a former tow truck driver who towed for almost 25 yrs. I became ill and had to sell off the businesses. I use to have the nick name Captain Recovery back in the day so I took the name and thought up a theme for a children's book series where little 5 yr old Darren and his sister play in the sand box and Darren with his imagination pretends to run a big tow company. One tow stands out that only Captain Recovery & Chief Hoffy can work together and get it done. A lot of the jobs are based on real life tows that I did for years. My wife helped me with the book until she passed away on 3/5/2012. I rewrote book to put Lisa in it. It is dedicated to Lisa.

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