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Being an Author-Illustrator-Maker

What's it like to be an Author AND Illustrator? How long does it take to make a book? Where do ideas come from? If you've ever wanted a peek INSIDE the head of a Creator, here's your chance!

Brian Yanish

30 Minute Program



Some things I'll talk about:
• My Story from Childhood Drawings to Published Author
• Creating Dynamic Characters: Robots, Sharks, Chickens & Monsters
• STEAM Building: Empowering students to be MAKERS
• Any questions YOU HAVE about being an Author/Illustrator/Maker

About the Author

Brian Yanish is an author, illustrator, designer and maker. He has worked for Jim Henson Productions, trained as a special effects moldmaker, written and performed comedy, and designed educational software, apparel and toys. He is the creator of ScrapKins, a Recycled Arts program that inspires kids to see the creative potential in everyday junk. Brian has shared STEAM based workshops with schools around the world and even appeared on Sesame Street.

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