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Creativity Coach: Take Your Writing to the Next Level

Have you ever wanted to talk with a professional writer about a story or a book idea that you're working on, and learn ways to take your writing to the next level? Todd Mitchell has helped hundreds of writers develop their stories and books, and get them published. You can talk with him to solve problems, learn about next steps to take, and get professional writing tips and advice tailored to your needs.

Todd Mitchell

45 Minute Program



Todd has over 20 years of experience helping writers from elementary school though graduate school. Several of his students have gone on to publish books, including bestsellers. He also specializes ways to improve your creativity. In this program, you can ask him any writing related questions you have, and get professional advice and feedback that's focused on where you are right now, and what you need to progress.

Todd can help writers at any stage in the writing journey, from how to start a story to how to make a story stronger, develop as a writer, and get published.

Come prepared with paper, pen/pencil, and things that you want to know. Also, if you're writing a story, or have written a story or a book that you want to improve, come prepared to describe the main character and what the story is about.

1-3 writers can participate, but the fewer the participants, the more individual feedback writers will get. This session is tailored to your needs, so make sure that you have questions you want to ask.

About the Author

Todd Mitchell is an award-winning author and teacher. His books for young readers and teens include The Last Panther (Random House), The Traitor King (Scholastic Press), The Secret to Lying (Candlewick Press), and Backwards (Candlewick Press). He teaches creative writing at Colorado State University.

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