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Chapter Reading with K.J. Kruk

✨One boy. One moon. One million surprises!✨ Read-along with multi-award-winning author and illustrator K.J. Kruk as she delights readers young and old with her best-selling middle-grade adventure, Leo Gray and the Lunar Eclipse!

K.J. Kruk

45 Minute Program



Open to audiences of all sizes, turn your reading time into an event to remember as K.J. Kruk reads from your favorite chapter of Leo Gray and the Lunar Eclipse.

Choose from:
1) A classic read-along (where K.J. reads and viewers listen) Great for groups of all ages
2) A read-and-discuss (where K.J. reads in an instructional way to encourage learning and engagement) Ideal for individual learners, classrooms, and group reads alike
3) An annotated read-along (where K.J. discusses her thoughts, ideas, and editorial notes throughout the read) Best for more mature readers

The last few minutes of each reading will be devoted to Q&A, so make sure to bring a list of things to ask K.J. at the end!

(Just let K.J. know your preference for her style of reading and how much time you'd like reserved for Q&A before she begins.)

🎉Special Bonus: Sign up this month and receive a FREE Leo Gray T-Shirt! 🎁🙌🥳 (Follow @leograybooks for a glimpse at which shirt you'll receive! To claim your free tee, simply email your receipt, along with your desired shirt size and address, to info@leograybooks.)

***Depending on the chapter length, chapter completion is not guaranteed.***

About the Author

K.J. Kruk is a multi-award-winning visual artist and is both the author and illustrator of the hit middle-grade novel Leo Gray and the Lunar Eclipse (an epic adventure about an 11-year-old who follows his dreams for a better education in science to the new school inside of the Moon!).

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