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Character Smash

Want to create your own unique character? J A Browne teaches you how to pinch parts from all types of real, mythical and fantastical creatures, smash them all together and create something original - your very own story character to go on an adventure with! Smashing! But don't take my word for it... “Loved the idea of merging two creatures into one new character.” Rowie, 7 “It was so good!” Oren, 4 “I would recommend to my friends who like writing stories so they can think of great characters too.” Dylan, 9 Workshop Lasts 60 mins.

Jane Browne

45 Minute Program



The Workshop
In this practical workshop, J A Browne will share how she created characters in her environmental fantasy series The Earth Chronicles® and her mini-series Ffen Tales and learn how to smash together parts from all types of creatures to invent something completely unique of your very own. You'll see never before-seen concept artwork from her master illustrator Darran Holmes and hear snippets from her stories showing how they're brought to life and learn how you can exactly the same!

BONUS MATERIAL - Once you've completed the workshop, you'll be sent the Character Profile and Story Map to help you get started with your story!

Praise for Character Smash:

“I would recommend this workshop to someone, definitely, because it is super creative and very fun to do.”

“I loved creating my character by merging two creatures together.”

Alice, 10 & Noah, 7

What You'll Need
PDFs of resources will be provided prior to the workshop.
You'll need:
- pencils
- scissors
- glue
- and your imagination!

About the Author

J.A. Browne is a bestselling British children’s author and former primary school teacher with a Masters in Creative Writing. Her middle-grade environmental fantasy series The Earth Chronicles launched in October 2018 with Hannah and the Hollow Tree, followed a year later by Gaia’s Revenge, the second novel in the series, twelve years in the making. She has since released her mini-series Ffen Tales. For every workshop booked, a tree will be funded via Treesisters as part of J A Browne's partnership.

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