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Cooking a Book: An Author Visit

Join me in this author visit as I cook up some fun for your class or homeschooling group. I'll put on my chef costume and grab my stew pot to explain the book-making process from author's idea to bookstore shelf.

Amy Sklansky

45 Minute Program



Wearing a chef's hat and coat, I "cook" a book for students. Into my large pot go inspiration, research, rough drafts, revisions, pencil sketches and more as I explain how an author's idea becomes a published book. I use my book, These Little Piggies Go to the Beach (or another agreed upon title), as my primary example, though I also read from some of my other 11 books. Additional props include an original book illustration and a printing press sheet.

By the end of this interactive program, students should have gained an appreciation both for the writing process and the book-making process. I conclude with my favorite part: a Q&A session.

“Amy’s Cook a Book presentation was a wonderful opportunity for my students to
hear about the writing process from an inspiring author. Now my students are
eager to cook a book of their own!”
1st grade teacher, Brimmer and May School in Chestnut Hill, MA

This program is popular with classroom and homeschooling groups.

Target audience: K - 3rd grade
25 people maximum
Total time: 45 minutes

About the Author

Amy E. Sklansky has been writing books for children since 2002. Her 11 published books include picture books, nonfiction, poetry, and board books. Amy has visited more than 150 schools all over the world either in person or virtually. She lives and writes in St. Louis, Missouri, where she is also an occasional editor, an avid tea drinker, and a frequent knitter.

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