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Create Your Own Writer's Basket (Up to 3 attendees)

In this hands-on session, participants will create their own writer's baskets filled with ideas to spur inspiration and creativity when writing their own stories. Supplies needed include: Blank notecards, pencils, markers, magazines, scissors, a few favorite photos and a small basket for each participant

Laurie Friedman

45 Minute Program



Where do ideas come from? In this interactive session, Laurie shows attendees her own writer’s basket that is filled with hundreds of story ideas and explains how she uses items like photos, recipes, notes and pictures from magazines to inspire her writing. Then, she works with participants to create their own baskets filled with story starters and ideas to use in their writing.

As part of this workshop, she explores the key components of a story including plot, character, setting, description and dialog.

About the Author

Laurie Friedman is the author of over sixty award-winning books for young readers including the bestselling Mallory McDonald chapter book series and many rhyming picture books including Love, Ruby Valentine. Her latest book, The Campaign, is a middle-grade novel about two best friends who run against each other for class president.

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