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Cure your stage fright in 45 minutes!

Do you ever wish you were better at talking in front of people? Whether you're about to give a speech in front of a big audience, read a book in front of a class, introduce yourself in a job interview, or just say hello to some new friends, stage fright can make life much harder! Luckily, I have the cure!

Ryan Estrada

45 Minute Program



In just 45 minutes, I can cure your stage fright and turn you into an expert storyteller!

I was a shy kid with a stuttering problem. I was nervous simply about saying hello to people, so I never imagined getting up on a stage and speaking to an audience. But later, something changed. I was invited to an open mic. I went on stage and told a story. I did a terrible job. But the audience was still incredibly supportive, and I realized that making mistakes was not so bad!

Before long, I won my first poetry slam. I was selected to host the Busan International Shakespeare Festival! I won a Moth Story Slam! I performed a story to a packed theatre at a Risk! Live show! I got hired as a radio host! I still make mistakes! But I've learned that it's all about having fun and being confident!

The ability to speak in public and know how to make a story reach an audience, has helped me in every aspect of my life. I'm better at job interviews. I'm more active in social situations. I'm more confident in pitching my work. So now, I use my love for public speaking to teach others how to do the same! I've helped hundreds of people all over the world conquer their fears with this workshop! It has been taught in universities, libraries and schools. And now, it's available to you!

It works for all ages. It works great with a group, but we can get into even more detail if we're working one-on-one.

10 minutes: LET'S GET TO BUSINESS!
I'll introduce myself, my history with public speaking and why I think storytelling is important. I'll get to know the participants and find out what they hope to get out of the workshop!

15 minutes: LET'S DO A BAD SPEECH!
The thing that makes people scared of public speaking is the fear of doing a bad job. So let's rip that band-aid off and do the worst job we can! Together, we'll make a list of all the worst things you can do during a speech. Too loud! Too soft! Too fast! Too slow! Not enough eye contact! Too much eye contact! Once we have a list of 20 or thirty things, we will perform a great speech from history as poorly as we can. This is not only tons of fun to do, but loosens people up, teaches them how to do better, and shows them that mistakes are not the end of the world.

10 minutes: BORE ME WITH A STORY
Another way to feel more confident about public speaking is to know what makes a good story. I've spent my career turning my own experiences into books, radio stories and stage performances. Sometimes I talk about exciting times like when I was almost eaten by lions in the Masaai Mara, but sometimes I tell stories about a time I had a bad dream. Any experience can be made super exciting if you know what makes people connect to a story! I will challenge participants to tell me an anecdote so boring that I can't possibly find a way to be captivated by. Then together, we'll see how to turn that tale into an exciting story!

Now that we have learned what makes a bad speech, what makes a great story, and gotten the nerve to do it, participants will have not only the opportunity but the drive to do the best speech they possibly can! But there's a twist! I won't make it easy! In a fun, friendly way, I'll do my best to be as distracting as possible, recreating potential worst case scenarios for someone giving a speech. We'll make a game out of learning how to continue on with the speech! Then, we'll celebrate their success!

BONUS TIME! 15 minutes: Q&A
Now that you're an expert, let's go into bonus time! Now is your chance to ask any questions you have about public speaking, becoming a storyteller, or being a writer! Do you need more detailed techniques? Do you want feedback on a specific speech you're about to give? Do you want me to rehearse something with you? Or do you want advice on how to make storytelling a career? Whatever would best help you, I'm here to help!

About the Author

Ryan Estrada is an Eisner-nominated, bestselling, award-winning author, artist, and adventurer who travels the world making comics. He started submitting comics to newspapers at age six, and has since written for Star Trek, Popeye, Garfield and Flash Gordon. His graphic novel Banned Book Club was named one of the best books of 2020 by NPR!

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