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Details Add Sizzle and Spice!

How do writers make their stories sing? With details, of course! Author April Jones Prince shares five fun strategies to help you add sizzle and spice to your writing. Find your favorite pen or pencil and let's jump into the writing playground!

April Prince

45 Minute Program



What makes a story engaging to read and write? There are oodles of elements that go into crafting "juicy" writing, from vivid, relatable characters (real or imagined) and compelling plot to lively prose, a sprinkling of humor or voice, and more.

One of the most fun and important techniques is including details in our writing. Using Twenty-One Elephants and Still Standing and other rich mentor texts, this program offers young writers tangible strategies for including/adding details that will add sizzle to their writing—from stories to essays to thank-you notes. We'll discuss and play with a variety of techniques, using them to add pizzazz to a piece of writing together. Of course there will be time for Q&A and for swapping thoughts about our favorite reads!

This program is best for ages 6 and up.

About the Author

April Jones Prince is the author of many books for young readers, including the award-winning Twenty-One Elephants and Still Standing and Goldenlocks and the Three Pirates and two biographies in Penguin’s popular Who Was…? series.

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