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DINOSAURS! Who doesn't love dinosaurs?!? In this fun session, which has been a favorite in schools and library settings, we will read a few rhyming poems about dinosaurs and talk about dinosaurs, how we learn about them, what's interesting about them, etc. Customizable. Available in English or Spanish.

Steven Cunningham

30 Minute Program



Which dinosaur is your favorite?

Have you ever wondered what their names mean, and why??

Join me to read some poems about dinosaur, and talk about dinosaurs.

Available in English or Spanish. Customizable.

About the Author

Originally from Denver, Dr. Cunningham moved to Baltimore to be with his wife, where he trained at Hopkins and University of Maryland. Now Director of Pancreatic and Hepatobiliary Surgery at Saint Agnes Hospital, he has just published his second award-winning book of fun and educational poetry for children.

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