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Crusoe The Canine Castaway is a dog tale for kids 4-8, inspired by a true-life adventure of an Australian Cattle dog , with a nod to Robinson Crusoe. Together we will have a laugh, a fright or two and see how bravery surfaces when least expected.

Marion Margolis

30 Minute Program



I will read my tale and then you can be the author and write your own ending. We will talk about the real- life cattle dog whose actual adventure this story is based on.

About the Author

Marion Margolis is the author of picture books, “Crusoe the Canine Castaway”, “Sit! Stay! Sign!” and “New Digs for Beau”. She loves reading her dog tales to children in schools, libraries and museums throughout New York and New Jersey. A SAG actor, speech/language therapist and PAL member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, she has brought Readers Theatre and interactive story telling into classrooms throughout the northeast. Dogs have a very special place in her heart. Marion’s four grandchildren consider her to be one of their favorite authors. She lives in New York City along with her husband Chuck and rescue dog, Axel.

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