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Don't Ask a Dinosaur - Ask Matt!

Dinosaurs might not be able to put a birthday party together - but they're still pretty awesome! Children will learn about the process of how "Don't Ask a Dinosaur" came together, cool facts about the dinosaurs included (and some that didn't make the cut!), and how a 7-year-old child "saved" the book before it went to press!

Matt Forrest Esenwine

45 Minute Program



How did a forest animal birthday party turn into the picture book "Don't Ask a Dinosaur?" Why did my favorite dinosaur not make it in? And most importantly, how did a 7-year-old prevent the book from being published with not one, but TWO mistakes??

After reading the book, I'll share interesting facts about the book's dinosaurs like Therezinosaurus, Carnotaurus, and Deinocheirus, among others, as well as some of the dinosaurs we couldn't fit in, like Anchiceratops, Microraptor, and Archelon. Visitors will also learn how the book was created (the original manuscript went through 20 revisions before we even started sending it out to potential publishers), the process it went through in its way to publication, and yes, how a 7-year-old boy "saved" the book!

Young people will learn that although there are many things they might not be able to do at their age, they CAN help create a book - and that there are all sorts of wonderfully creative jobs out there they can aspire to!

About the Author

Matt’s debut picture book "Flashlight Night" (Boyds Mills & Kane, 2017) received national critical reviews and was selected by the New York Public Library as one of 2017’s Best Books for Kids.

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