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Draw a truck and give it some personality!

I'll teach you how to draw a vehicle of your choice: a truck perhaps? How about a car, an airplane or a space ship? Then we'll give it some emotion, personality and expression!

David Gordon

45 Minute Program



When I was three my mom had me in daycare, and one day I was tasked with tracing simple shapes on an activity sheet with my crayon: a circle, square and triangle. Being my little contrarian and imaginative self, I drew spirals and squiggles all over the page. The daycare lady got mad at me and proclaimed I couldn’t draw and that I was, in fact, a “bad artist”. I was devastated. Drawing was my one and only super-power, the only thing I knew how to do well, and this person just took it away from me. I was inconsolable, I cried the whole way home. After dinner that night, my stepdad sat me down beside him with some paper and a magic marker and showed me how to draw a tree, a teepee, some mountains, our house, and best of all, our family car, a beat-up 67 Cadillac. That was all the encouragement I needed and I have been drawing cars and trucks and construction vehicles almost every single day since!

I would love to share my love of drawing vehicles with you. Grab your favorite drawing tool and some paper and follow along as I show you the anatomy of a truck and how to give it some personality!

About the Author

David Gordon has done visual development, layout and character design for numerous production companies from Lucasfilm to Pixar, including such movies as Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., A Bug’s Life, and Cars; BlueSky’s Robots and Nickelodeon’s Spongebob Squarepants. He has also written and illustrated many children’s books, among them Hansel and Diesel, The Three Little Rigs, The Ugly Truckling, and Smitten. He is one of the illustrators of Jon Scieszka’s 52-book, NYTimes best-selling series, Trucktown. His newest book is Extremely Cute Animals Operating Heavy Machinery, also a NYTimes Bestseller

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