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Everybody Loves Grace: Life Lessons From A Fluffy Dog Named Grace

Former CIA senior executive Katy McQuaid has long been a highly sought-after leadership consultant and renowned inspirational speaker. Now, she is bringing her insight and heart to a new project that is capturing the hearts and minds of parents, kids, and organizations all over the world: the “Everybody Loves Grace” illustrated book series. The “Everybody Loves Grace” illustrated books are true stories told from the perspective of Katy McQuaid’s beloved dog, Grace. Written in a fun, light, and humorous tone, they also address some of the most challenging situations people encounter in life. McQuaid received a Nautilus Silver Award for Children's Literature: Fiction in 2019 for "Everybody Loves Grace." The first book, “Everybody Loves Grace: An Amazing Story of How Grace Brings Love to Everyone She Meets” delivers four key messages: * Simple acts of kindness can have a profound effect on others; they can even change lives. * Have the courage to move forward through life's changes and trust that things will turn out well. * We can choose to turn uncertain situations into positive experiences. * Every day is an adventure. There are five books in the Everybody Loves Grace series.

Katy McQuaid

45 Minute Program



Author Katy McQuaid reads Everybody Loves Grace to your group to include children, friends, parents and grandparents. Included is a special opportunity to meet Grace, a Finnish Lapphund, and star of the book series. Katy is also available to answer a wide range of questions whether they are about Grace, her breed, how dogs are best friends, how she became an author or what it's like to have a 30 plus year career with the CIA.

This is a unique opportunity to meet the author and Grace.

Katy's listeners and readers have described her as Mrs. Rogers. "Katy McQuaid's children's book series Everybody Loves Grace is like Mr. Roger's Neighborhood on the road. For the stories, the world is their oyster. Told through the eyes of Grace the dog, they immediately connect with the child in all innocence and wonder. There's no better way for a child to see and learn about places of enchantment and experiences, which must be navigated through life."

About the Author

Author Katy McQuaid spent more than three decades in the CIA, including 12 years living abroad. Her work in communities all over the world and the endearing, unconditional love of her four-legged muse Grace inspired her to write the “Everybody Loves Grace” series of illustrated books.

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