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Fabricate a Fractured Fairytale!

Creating a fractured fairy tale is some of the MOST fun a writer can have. Join April Jones Prince, author of Goldenlocks and the Three Pirates, to learn tips and tricks for creating your very own fairy tale adventure. Jump on board, my hearties!

April Prince

45 Minute Program



Fractured fairy tales are a fun, fabulous way to learn and grow as a writer. When we switch up a familiar story, it frees us to play with setting, characterization, and language in ways that are engaging and even silly—ways that get our writing juices flowing!

This program explores how writers generate story ideas by wondering "What If....?," and then planning, researching, and writing to see what unfolds. In particular, we'll discuss what fractured fairy tales are and how we can take established stories and infuse them with a different setting, type of character, and/or voice to create something new and exciting. I’ll share the process I used to write Goldenlocks and the Three Pirates, including strategies for finding sources of inspiration and playing with language. We'll also discuss the important roles of beginning-middle-end, and the equally important role of revising, revising, revising to create a vibrant, cohesive story. (I’ll reveal many, many drafts of my text to show that writers at all stages persevere to make their stories the best they can be. Writing is rewriting, mateys!)

Most importantly, I’ll provide a flexible organizer and get young creators started on writing a fractured fairy tale of their own. For inspiration, we'll look at other fractured tales that are full of voice and creativity. Get ready for a hearrrrty reading and writing adventure!

This program is best for ages 6-12.

About the Author

April Jones Prince is the author of many books for young readers, including the award-winning Twenty-One Elephants and Still Standing and Goldenlocks and the Three Pirates and two biographies in Penguin’s popular Who Was…? series.

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