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Facing a Refugee Foster Child

Many families sponsor a displaced orphan or refugee, but how many can say they get to meet them? This presentation involves the inspiration behind an award-winning book and a visual tour of the Afghan refugee camp it was based on.

Rukhsana Khan

45 Minute Program



When Rukhsana heard about all the refugees leaving Afghanistan because of the war, Rukhsana decided to sponsor an orphan.

Having been bullied all her life for her brown complexion, imagine her surprise to see that her foster child Kareem had blonde hair and green eyes. She thought refugees were brown like her.

She had a burning desire to meet him! In the winter of 1991/92 she got her chance.

This presentation covers the creative process behind this international award-winning story.

It also contains strong themes of social studies and social justice. The book is featured by the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario in their Erasing Prejudice for Good series.

With hefty doses of humor, the students are often left with an appreciation of their own privilege and a yearning to do more to help others.

Highly recommended for classroom and home schooling groups.

About the Author

Rukhsana Khan was born in Pakistan and grew up in North America. She has thirteen books published that have won numerous awards and been published in many countries.

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