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Finding Your Future in Technology, based on the Find Your Future in STEAM series

"How technology is changing industries," or "Can you believe this is someone's job?" Careers in STEAM, based on the Find Your Future in STEAM series

Kim Childress

45 Minute Program



Based on The Find Your Future in STEAM series, this program introduces career opportunities related to STEAM.
Each title in the books profiles 8 different professions, all focusing on how technology is changing the industries, and engages readers in interactive exploration using three sidebar features:

  • Google It!
  • Explore Some More!
  • Ask Big Questions!

All books in the series contain the common theme: "How technology is changing this field." and "Can you believe this is someone's job?"

Using visuals and books as references throughout:

  • Presentations may be tailored and adapted to interests of the audience and age group
  • Participants receive one free copy of a Find Your Future in STEAM title, compliments of, an online children’s bookstore, fully launching March 2021
  • Each book in the series is highly graphic, interactive, great for reluctant readers, geared to boys and girls ages 9-12, with crossover appeal for younger and older (and even adult) readers
  • Each presentation stresses growing and boundless opportunities in future careers, thanks to advances in technology
  • Presentations are fun and engaging, using lots of humor, books and visual aides to keep viewers engaged

    Subjects included in the book, Find Your Future in Technology:
  • Artificial Intelligence Scientist
  • Biotechnology Engineer
  • Security Agent
    Data Scientist
  • E-commerce Manager
  • Mobile App Designer
  • Nanotechnologist
  • Game Designer
  • Note from author, editor and presenter Kim Childress:

    Published in 2016 by Cherry Lake Publishing, an imprint of Sleeping Bear Press, the Find Your Future in STEAM series was the selected feature series for 2020 Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day (#WorkplaceSuperstars).

    I was originally hired to help conceptualize and edit the first 19 titles in a three-part series, which included the five books in Find Your Future in STEAM. Together with authors and editors Kelly Anne White and Diane Lindsey Reeves, we created nineteen, four-color picture books in six months! That takes a TEAM! AND I ended up writing the Find Your Future in Art book—in one week—and I had a blast! Including an interview with Veggie Tales’ Larry the Cucumber for the Cartoonist chapter, and a look at Cinderella's award-winning dress made for the live-action film and found in the fashion industry chapter
  • More information on these books and others in the series can be found on my website,,, and Cherry Lake Publishing

About the Author

Product Developer, Children's Publishing,; Book Reviewer, Girls’ Life Magazine Former Middle Grade Acquisitions Editor, Zondervan, HarperCollins 30-year Member SCBWI Author, Award-winning Editor, Consultant, Speaker BBB A+ fully affiliated, Technical & Professional Services

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