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Finding Your Writing Skills with Fan-Fiction

Fan-fiction is an easy way for the budding writer to begin his or her writing career. The author will show how she did it!

Susan Kite

30 Minute Program



Fan-fiction has long been considered unworthy of a writer's time, but it is a fun and easy way to gain skills needed for a writing career. Ms. Kite, author of six fiction books, has well over a hundred stories of fan-fiction, short and long, and considers those stories as the way she learned to be a good writer. Depending on the age of the students, she will play with a media character familiar to the students to show description, action, and how to add other characters. It may range from Bad Kitty to Iron Man. The author will also show a quick presentation of how she went from a very prolific fan-fiction writer to a 'mainstream' author of a half dozen middle grade/YA sci fi, fantasy and historical fiction books.

About the Author

Susan Kite began writing twenty-five years ago. Fan-fiction was the main focus at first, but a visit to Mission San Luis triggered her first novel, My House of Dreams. Five other books have since been published.

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