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Hang Out with Patrice Karst- Bestselling Author of THE INVISIBLE STRING!

Bestselling Author of THE INVISIBLE STRING, Patrice Karst, Hangs Out with YOU!

Patrice Karst

30 Minute Program



Patrice loves to really get to know her fans and meet all her new readers!

So, first, she wants you to get all cozy and comfy.

Then, Patrice will ask you to tell her anything that you would like to share all about you and your family. You could share any pictures or things that you would like Patrice to know about you and why you wanted to meet her today!

Next, Patrice will read you one of her stories, from her books, and you get to pick which one!


Then after the story-time is over, you can ask Patrice anything questions that you have about her books or being an author or anything else that you would like to know or share with her.

Last, we will say goodbye (but not forever!) because we are now connected always by our very own INVISIBLE STRING!

About the Author

Patrice Karst is the author of the bestselling, contemporary classic children's (and adults'!) book The Invisible String, which has sold over 750,000 copies. It is the story of the String (made out of love) that connects us all. She is also the author of The Invisible String Workbook. The Invisible Leash, The Invisible Web, You Are Never Alone( An Invisible String lullabye) and The Smile That Went Around the World.

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