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Have you herd? Elephants are amazing!

What is the purpose of an elephant's trunk? Is it true that elephants never forget? Join me as we do a deep dive into the wonderful world of elephants.

Carolyn Armstrong

30 Minute Program



In Because Of Khalid, Chris discovers the amazing abilities of African elephants.

What is the purpose of an elephant’s trunk?
Is it true that an elephant never forgets?
What is so special about their tusks?
What’s the difference between African and Asian elephants and why are both of their existences being threatened?

Discussion-based experience using a shared screen format, we will study elephants and talk about their unique characteristics. We’ll brainstorm some ideas on how elephants should be protected and ways that you can get involved.

About the Author

Carolyn Armstrong takes her love of fact finding and traveling the world to write stories that children can both learn from and relate to. A lover of all animals (except creepy crawlies and things that sting), Carolyn fosters an elephant in Kenya, Africa.

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