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Hidden Mysteries in a National Park

National Parks are a great vacation destination. But what if while you are in a park you spot something happening that you know isn't right? You put on your super sleuth hat and become a hero. Join Ben and Bekka Cooper on a vacation/mystery trip of a lifetime and learn how you can experience those same places. Just don't forget your camera or binoculars.

Mary Morgan

30 Minute Program



Visitors to our Talkabook National Park Vacation room will get a history and geography lesson like no other as they crisscross America tracking down the Cooper twins on their next adventure. Maps, hats, lava, s'mores, and spy glasses will engage and enthuse the eager listener. There are eight books in the series and each one has a different theme and mystery. Great reading in preparation for a family vacation.

About the Author

Mary grew up in a family that traveled the US in search of new destinations - thus creating a wanderlust that hasn't quit.

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