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How Does an Idea Become a Book?

A reading of one of my books followed by a presentation about what happens on a book's journey to publication.

Rebecca Gomez

45 Minute Program



During this visit I will talk about how everything that happens before a book hits the shelves. I will talk about how I got the idea, the writing and revising process, what it's like to submit a book to an editor, getting rejections, getting a book deal, and everything that happens with the publisher once the manuscript is accepted. I will show examples from early drafts, submission letters, revision notes, pre-press proofs, and more to show that there is a lot more to making a picture book than most people ever think about! Of course, I will answer questions too.

About the Author

Rebecca J. Gomez loves writing stories as much as she loves reading them. When she's not writing or reading, her favorite things to do are baking, creating art, and dragging her family to the woods for a hike.

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