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How to keep germs away!

In this online class for ages 5-8, we will be learning all about how to keep germs away! This is a live, small group online class - available on any device, and anywhere like the comfort of home! 🏡 Contact for details, to ask questions and book. The menu includes an online introduction to two of Life's Little Bug characters, Flu Bug and Tummy Bug (puppets) with their creator Tina Stubbs to learn in a fun and interactive way what these germ spreaders like and what they don't like! Storytime with one of the Life's Little Bugs award-winning books and read by the author herself with interactive activities to engage and teach the important healthy habits of handwashing and cough and cold etiquette in a fun and memorable way.

Tina Stubbs

45 Minute Program



This program will start with a Welcome and introduction to two of Life's Little Bugs characters Flu Bug and Tummy Bug ( puppets) and their creator Tina Stubbs.
Learn how these two germ spreaders travel and how we can prevent them from sharing their germs with us.
Some information on these types of germs to understand what they are with interactive activities to learn the practices we should be doing to stop them in their tracks.
Storytime with Tina Stubbs with illustrations.
Finishing with a quick quiz to see what they remember from this program and a pdf certificate of completion.

About the Author

Hi, my name is Tina Stubbs, I am an award-winning author and illustrator who created a series of children's books and characters called Life's Little Bugs. Life's Little Bugs teach young children about fundamental healthy habits in a fun and engaging way.

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