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Did you know a tongue twister is an alliteration? Can you blurt one out faster than me? I challenge you! In this class, you'll learn all the tools to write a fabulous, fun, fascinating picture book. We'll talk about structure, characters, dialogue, rhythm, punctuation, and of course, how to not eat your grandma! Psst! Students will get a free book and if they submit the exercise, they will get an opportunity to be featured on my website.

Nidhi Kamra

45 Minute Program



  1. Introductions
  2. What is a picture book?
  3. Read my book as an example
  4. A detailed discussion on story structure -- beginning, middle, end:
    1. Introducing protagonist, setting a scene, showing a problem, hooking a reader
    2. Escalating the problem
    3. Using precise verbs
    4. The golden rule: SHOW DON’T TELL.
    5. Point of View
    6. Introduction to weed words
    7. Rhythm and poetic devices
  5. How to create an interesting character
  6. Dialogue
  7. Character arc
  8. Writing a satisfying ending
  9. Review story structure
  10. Writing good titles
  11. Common grammar and punctuation mistakes
  12. Tips for writing picture books
  13. Checklist
  14. Optional exercise (Students can submit it to be featured on my website.)

About the Author

Nidhi Kamra tried on a few skins -- reptiles being her favorite. But they were lumpy, bumpy, and made her grumpy. She discovered her own skin fit best. With her new picture book, Simon's Skin, she hopes kids learn to accept their skin early and save themselves the trouble of trying out skins that may be itchy, twitchy, and not too fun! She is also the author of Ten Sheep to Sleep, a counting picture book with a math twist. Nidhi's articles have been published in popular children's magazines in the US.

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