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How to Write a Novel in Verse: An Interactive Workshop for Teens

Participants are encouraged to bring work-in-progress, either poetry or prose. Though it isn't required. Limited: 8 writers. Adults welcome.

Sherry Shahan

45 Minute Program



Have you ever wanted to write a novel in verse? Using free verse and traditional poetic forms? Or sharpen your prose writing by incorporating poetic techniques?

During this session, I'll share my process of creating a verse novel. When should a writer consider telling a story using this distinct style? What are the benefits of short, energetic bursts in story-telling? What are the challenges? How does white space on a page shape a reader's perception?

At the same time, I'll offer feedback to writers who care to share their work. Since I've taught workshops for teen writers at schools and public libraries, I know this will be a lively, interactive discussion.

My verse novel Purple Daze: A Far Out Trip, 1965 incorporates letters from a friend in Viet Nam and journal entries into the narrative. The story of six high school friends plays out on a stage shared by war, assassinations, riots and civil protests.

About the Author

Sherry Shahan has 40 children’s books to her credit—ranging from picture books, middle grade and young adult novels. Her books span fiction and photo-illustrated nonfiction.

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