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Inspiration to Book: Building Story with the Writing Process

Students will see the process of creating a book from the spark of inspiration to the final bound pages. They'll learn how author's purpose and point of view, characterization, setting, conflict, story arc, and more play out, as well as prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing.

Beth Anderson

45 Minute Program



Beth Anderson takes students through her process from spark to book. By using the language of the writing classroom to describe her own work, students are able to connect real world writing to their own writing instruction, process, and experiences. You can choose between two books. Following the creation of An Inconvenient Alphabet, students journey through the writing process and come away with an organizer to use for their own writing. The writing of "Smelly" Kelly and His Super senses offers students a look at the process of building scenes and connecting storyline to create a meaningful story.

About the Author

Beth Anderson, a former English as a Second Language teacher, has always marveled at the power of books. Armed with linguistics and reading degrees, a fascination with language, and penchant for untold tales, she strives for accidental learning in the midst of a great story. Beth lives in Loveland, Colorado where she laughs, wonders, thinks, and questions; and hopes to inspire kids to do the same. Author of AN INCONVENIENT ALPHABET (S&S 2018), LIZZIE DEMANDS A SEAT! (Calkins Creek, 2020), and “SMELLY” KELLY AND HIS SUPER SENSES (Calkins Creek, 2020), Beth has more historical gems on the way.

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