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Inspire Little Scientists to Dream Big

Cozy up with award-winning author and educator Michelle Schaub and explore different scientists and the tools they use with her bedtime STEM book, DREAM BIG LITTLE SCIENTIST.

Michelle Schaub

30 Minute Program



Calling little astronomers, oceanographers, paleontologists, ecologists, and other aspiring scientists! Join author and teacher Michelle Schaub for a STEM pajama party. She'll read her bedtime book DREAM BIG LITTLE SCIENTISTS, a book in verse that introduces eleven branches of science. Michelle will explore the tools scientists use, share fascinating facts about real-life science heroes, and inspire the audience to think like scientists. She'll provide links to activities and worksheet to extend the STEM fun.

About the Author

Award-winning children's author, poet, and teacher Michelle Schaub loves sharing her love of science, nature, and poetry with readers through her picture books. She is the author of DREAM BIG LITTLE SCIENTISTS: A BEDTIME BOOK, FINDING TREASURE: A COLLECTION OF COLLECTIONS, FRESH-PICKED POETRY: A DAY AT THE FARMERS' MARKET, and KINDNESS IS A KITE STRING.

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