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Is Happiness a Choice?

For anyone who loves Science Fiction and Dystopian themes! Can you control your own happiness? What would happen if someone else demanded it? This connects to my novel, Rising Up.

Tanya Ross

45 Minute Program



If you're a middle school through adult, you'll love this program about discovering what happiness means and what happens in a futuristic fictional universe when the government monitors your emotions.

You will find the best way to get prepared for this program is to read my novel, Rising Up. You can better understand what it might be like to live in a society such as this as you read about the characters and their struggle to find out what happiness really means. You'll also need a pencil to participate in a quiz that "measures" your happiness.

In this program, you'll get an overview of the novel and determine ways to control your own state of mind.

In the meantime, be brave, be you, and be happy.

About the Author

Tanya Ross is an avid reader, writer, and lover of dogs. She has a heart for kids and for the underdogs of the world.

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